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Instructional Scholar Teaching Certificate

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The Instructional Scholar Teaching Certificate program provides a learning community and support structure within which faculty can spend time focusing on their teaching. As you begin the application process, please make sure you satisfy the participation requirements — full-time faculty member, at least five years of teaching experience, teaching in the fall or spring semester of the current year, and able to attend all program sessions — and submit all of the necessary application information:

  1. Applicant's name, department, phone, email
  2. Department head/chair’s name, department, phone, email
  3. A description of your (a) teaching experience, (b) teaching approach, and (c) personal goals.
    1. Half-page description of your teaching experience (e.g., courses taught) and teacher training experience (e.g., workshops, courses, Preparing Future Faculty participation).
    2. Half-page description of your teaching approach (e.g., if someone came to watch you teach, what would they see?)
    3. Half-page explanation of your personal goals for participating in the Instructional Scholar Teaching Certificate program.
  4. Current CV in PDF format.

These descriptions and explanations will be cut-and-paste into a web-based form; thus, no graphics or tables should be submitted. The CV should be uploaded as a single PDF file.

Program Details

The certificate program details are available in PDF format.

Application Submission

All applications must be submitted online.

Program Questions

Questions regarding the certificate program should be addressed to Peter Doolittle,