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Instructional Scholar Teaching Certificate

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The Instructional Scholar Teaching Certificate program provides a learning community and support structure within which faculty can spend time focusing on their teaching. As you begin the application process, please make sure you satisfy the participation requirements — full-time faculty member, at least five years of teaching experience, teaching in the fall or spring semester of the current year, and able to attend all program sessions — and submit all of the necessary application information:

  1. Applicant's name, department, phone, email
  2. Department head/chair’s name, department, phone, email
  3. A description of your (a) teaching experience, (b) teaching approach, and (c) personal goals.
    1. Half-page description of your teaching experience (e.g., courses taught) and teacher training experience (e.g., workshops, courses, Preparing Future Faculty participation).
    2. Half-page description of your teaching approach (e.g., if someone came to watch you teach, what would they see?)
    3. Half-page explanation of your personal goals for participating in the Instructional Scholar Teaching Certificate program.
  4. Current CV in PDF format.

These descriptions and explanations will be cut-and-paste into a web-based form; thus, no graphics or tables should be submitted. The CV should be uploaded as a single PDF file.

Application Submission

All applications must be submitted online.

Program Questions

Questions regarding the certificate program should be addressed to Danielle Lusk,