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Title: Library Resources, Copyright, and Open Source Materials or How to Use Free Stuff and Still Cover Your ... Assets
Type: Practice Session (Concurrent)
Authors: Robert Turner (
      McConnell Library, Radford University, United States

Scott Turner (
      Computer Science, University of North Carolina - Pembroke, United States

Abstract: As the nature of the classroom has evolved to become more digital, so have many of the resources provided by the library. What has not kept up with these changes is the awareness of the students and faculty about these resources. Online tutorials, libguides, direct linking to articles and citation formatters are just some of the digital services available for classes which may help the instructor support the students’ success. However, the changes in the resources have brought new and modified problems, notably, the issue of copyright. With different ways of accessing and disseminating materials come new pitfalls for instructors and institutions to avoid. The availability of information is also changing with the development of more open source textbooks and journals. These can become resources that instructors and students can draw upon. During the presentation, participants will be asked to discuss their use of online library resources and how they can better support their students through these services. Copyright case studies will also be presented with a discussion of how to use library resources without violating copyright. Finally, the use of open source material will be discussed and evaluated.
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