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Title: Moving From “You and Me” to “We”: Blurring the Lines Between Professor and Student to Create a Truly Collaborative Classroom Experience
Type: Practice Session (Concurrent)
Authors: Gravity Goldberg (
      Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Iona College,

Dorothy Leone (
      Speech and Communication Studies, Iona College,

Jillian Flood (
      Psychology, Iona College,

Josh Klein (
      Criminal Justice, Iona College,

Caitlin Greatrex (
      Economics, Iona College,

Abstract: Moving from “you and me” to “we” is both a philosophical stance towards teaching and learning as well as a thoughtful and intentional shift in the classroom. Participants in this session will redefine the term “collaborative" in the higher education classroom from a multi-disciplinary perspective. They will brainstorm boundaries that are created between professor and student and identify effective techniques to remove those boundaries. The session will challenge participants to create an inclusive classroom by considering not only the physical environment, but also the choice of language and projects used within that physical environment. By the conclusion of the session, participants will be able to describe a number of ways higher education pedagogy can incorporate everyone in the classroom as learners, including the professor. By moving towards a “we” classroom, we offer students a seat at our table, an opportunity to construct their own knowledge, and a chance to participate with us in the complicated work of our respective disciplines. The benefits include active and engaging learning experiences that help the students and the professors construct new knowledge to offer their fields.
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