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Title: Expanding Engagement to Thousands: Communication Tools for Large Classes
Type: Practice Session (Concurrent)
Authors: John Boyer (
      Geography, Virginia Tech,

Katie Pritchard (
      Geography, Virginia Tech,

Abstract: Classrooms and students simply do not look or function like they have in the past. As classes grow larger, faculty members often find themselves searching for successful strategies to make connections with their students and to offer meaningful ways for students to connect with one another. While developed for a ultra-large class room of 3000, these tools can be successfully incorporated into a class of any size. This practice session will demonstrate innovative ways to create networking opportunities within a large class so that students engage with course content, the faculty, and their peers. Participants will learn how to integrate a variety of technological tools to foster valuable interaction through online office hours, blogging/micro-blogging/re-blogging, online forums, live video-streaming, podcasts, instant messaging/chat, lifecasting, and even social media. Hands-on demonstrations will involve participants in the actual use of tools such as UStream, Facebook, Forums, Tumblr, Twitter, and Poll Everywhere.
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