Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research

Journals in Higher Education

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Journal Title PW AR
NASPA Journal P W 31-40% 2-3
National Association of Student Affairs Professionals P W 11-20% 2-3
National Education Association W --% --
National Forum Journals P W --% --
National Staff and Development Council W --% --
National Teaching & Learning FORUM P W 41-50% 0-1
New Directions For Higher Education P --% --
New Directions for Student Services P W --% 2-3
New Directions For Teaching & Learning P --% --
New Horizons for Learning W --% --
New Horizons in Adult Education W --% --
Nurse Educator P W 11-20% 2-3

AR = Acceptance Rate
RT = Review Time
P = Paper Only
W = Web Only
PW = Paper and Web