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Doris Kincade


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Doris Kincade, professor of Apparel, Housing & Resource Management, for her commitment to student learning. One of many ways she does this is the amount of time she gives to students, undergraduate and graduate, with appointment or not. Her door is open, she will stop to help students resolve a class problem, an advising question, or a personal question or situation. She sees students as individuals with differing issues, concerns, and problems. If possible and within her realm, she tries to assist students as they mature in the university world.

Dr. Kincade continually upgrades and modifies her courses in order to help students prepare for real world situations. Students admire and appreciate the way she maintains her class schedules and organization of course materials. The skill with which she incorporates her industry experiences helps students understand that the textbooks have a very real foundation in situations they may one day need to address.

Having co-authored or authored three textbooks (see link below) her expertise and strong emphasis on each detail being correct is flawless. This is the type of rigor she asks, and expects, from her students, and that she herself practices daily.

Alumni report that the problems and projects they once worked on in Dr. Kincade's Retail Math for the Apparel Industry were spot on when they entered the workplace. These former students felt very prepared upon graduation. In addition, a number of alumni consistently report that co-workers and supervisors also comment on the consistent high performance of graduates from Virginia Tech's apparel program.

Dr. Kincade makes the effort to engage students in active learning, and it certainly makes an impact!

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