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Lee Cooper


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Lee Cooper, clinical associate professor of Psychology, for for his ability to impart the need for continuous and deliberate professional practice and reflection.

Cooper plays a large role in the training of clinical psychology graduate students who must receive instruction, practice, and supervision in the delivery of clinical services. In addition to his administrative duties of overseeing the clinical practice training of each student, he is the instructor for a clinical practicum course each semester, and a graduate level class in psychological assessment each year. As students practice clinical strategies, Cooper encourages them to reflect on their experiences and receive feedback on their performance. Students can then modify their own strategies and challenge the mastery of strategies with clients and/or problems outside their preferred areas of interest or expertise. Moreover, Cooper regularly uses this performance model on his own teaching skills.

Cooper received the College of Science Certificate of Teaching Excellence in 2008 and the University's Edward S. Diggs Teaching Scholar Award in 2012. Dr. Bob Stephens, Chair of the Psychology Department, remarks that "Lee has a passion for teaching and his passion translates to excellence, both in clinical supervisory training and classroom teaching. His excellence in teaching has been documented repeatedly via high student ratings, peer evaluations, and personal testimonials from students."


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