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Ivica Bukvic


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Ivica Bukvic, assistant professor of Music, for building a level playing field for teaching computer music and performance through creative technologies.

Dr. Bukvic has introduced a new set of courses that bridge the gap between music and other disciplines, including those not commonly associated with arts as it is his belief that such cross-pollination of creative approaches encourages bridging of conventional gaps among various disciplines. Consequently, in his Computer Music & Multimedia Design (MUS3065-6) and Linux Laptop Orchestra (MUS3314) he openly encourages enrollment of students across the campus with an aim to expose them to the unique collaborative nature of live music creation and performance. Over the past couple of years, both courses have essentially doubled in size and it is not uncommon to encounter in them practically as many majors as there are students. In part driven by his goal of growing the DISIS (Digital Interactive Sound & Intermedia Studio), Dr. Bukvic has taught as many as four courses per semester, while supporting and developing software and hardware infrastructure used by his students.

Award Highlights
August 29, 2011: VT Scholar of the week.

February 4, 2011: winner of 2010-11 Virginia Tech College of Liberal Arts & Human Sciences Excellence in Research and Creative Scholarship award.

March 5, 2010: recipient of the Virginia Tech XCaliber award for “for exceptional, high caliber contributions to technology-enriched teaching and learning.

2 Quotes from students
Patrick Turner (composition student):
Dr Bukvic encourages each student to search outside their own personal musical comfort zones. In doing this, the student grows with a breadth of knowledge that is constantly seeking new answers to common problems in the writing process. Students are encouraged to take risks and enjoy the lesson when things go wrong in a composition. I've had the pleasure of seeing him collaborate across genres with a tap dancer and visual artist. The resulting collaboration was something new, using a very sophisticated application of computers in music. His knowledge of electronic music and the science of music is unparalleled, in my experience. Furthermore, Dr. Bukvic is extremely charming and personable, and his sense of humor shapes the sessions into a lively and creatively forgiving atmosphere that I feel is essential to learning in the arts.

Miles Mabry (former Computer Music and Linux Laptop Orchestra student):
As early as it is in this semester Ico is continuing his commitment to teaching technology by not only continuing to educate the students in his Computer Music class about Max/MSP/Jitter, but by introducing a new group of students to the Linux Laptop Orchestra.
The size of the Laptop Orchestra has more than doubled from last semester making it possible for more students to become familiar with new types of technology: newest build of Ubuntu, popular Linux audio program Jack, and at the heart of the laptop orchestra Pure Data (PD). Ico is consistently adapting the tools he has into the tools that will work best for the Ensemble while concurrently pushing the bounds of conventional music.
In addition to the Virginia Tech student based orchestra Ico and a small team at DISIS have teamed up with Roanoke’s Music Lab to introduce youth within the Boys and Girls Club of America to their own Laptop Orchestra. The general consensus among the partners is that the introduction at an early age to modern technology will seed interest for the next generation of technological changes.


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