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Pierre Couture


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Pierre Couture, instructor of Hospitality and Tourism Management, for excellence in a hands-on, interactive approach to teaching. Pierre Couture, a former Teacher of the Week (2011), was recently re-nominated by several of his students. They describe him as an inspiring educator who possesses skilled insight into the industry and offers his students genuine concern for their success now and in the future. His students are particularly impressed with his caring attitude. Following are insights offered by this group of Pierre’s students.

Mr. Couture is described as a teacher with great enthusiasm and passion for the Hospitality industry, with which he has had extensive field experiences that are pivotal to his lessons, thus providing students with an authentic classroom experience. His classes are described as “fun and interactive,” stepping away from direct lecture and utilizing more engaging pedagogical practices that relate to his students’ interests and needs. Not only does he show careful attention to his students during classes, but he also provides a great deal of mentoring and academic help outside of the classroom. Understanding each individual’s potential, he provides additional opportunities for students to demonstrate their knowledge if original assignments do not meet expectations. Moreover, Pierre demonstrates a willingness to support students in developing professionally outside of the educational environment by orchestrating professional connections and providing recommendations for internships fitting each unique student’s abilities and potential. A consistent theme in Pierre Couture’s teaching is his commitment to the students; he continually demonstrates care and concern for their future successes.

The following quotes from Pierre’s former students accurately describe his teaching style:

“[Pierre] knows what he is talking about and how the industry works. I have complete faith that he has prepared me for what ever the future holds.”

“His impact on my life is more than I can do justice for with words. I was lucky enough to have studied abroad with him in the French Riviera as well as attend his Hospitality classes. I had never been excited to go to class until I met Pierre. His teaching style is so effective with all of his hands on teachings. He laughs with us and is always so helpful when questions arise. . . . He is worthy of Teacher of the Week every week in my book.

“I have never seen such a massive amount of students who come back to visit with [an instructor as with] Pierre.”

“[H]e is willing to relate to your needs”

“He is very good at what he does and the department definitely benefits from his teachings.”

“Pierre is the best professor I have ever had in my entire learning career. He makes learning fun and interactive rather than reading straight from a lecture PowerPoint. He knows his students by names instead of numbers, and he actually cares about your growth.”

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