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Randall Billingsley


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Randall Billingsley, associate professor of Finance, Insurance, & Business Law , for his approach to developing critical financial analysis thinking skills.

Billingsley's approach to teaching first appeals to common experience and thens elicit a cohesive, relevant analytical framework that is applied to topical financial problems. Class discussions of current financial market developments like the U.S. and European debt crises are organized around the functions of the markets, determinants of their performance, and consideration of behavioral issues that complicate the analysis. This approach is used in his undergraduate class on equity valuation (Fin 4274) and his graduate classes on investments (Fin 5674) and risk managment (Fin 5244). He also uses this approach in advising the Student Endowment for Educational Development (SEED), which manages an equity fund of about $5 million for the Virginia Tech Foundation.

Billingsley's teaching was recognized by his receipt of the William E. Wine Award Teaching Achievement Award in 2011 and by numerous prior department and college awards. Professor Raman Kumar, former head of the Department of Finance, remarks that Billingsley "... has made significant and important contributions to the teaching and learning mission of the college and university in a variety of ways, and is continuing to do so. His contributions to this mission as the advisor for SEED are unique, and these contributons have taken the learning of our students to a new and higher level, allowing them to be successful in jobs that they could not have done otherwise."

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