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Karl Precoda


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Karl Precoda, advanced instructor of Theatre and Cinema, for his deep engagement in student learning in a variety of ways: in the classroom, in curricular development, in production work, and in extensive service on graduate committees.

Karl is actively interested in the world and while his primary responsibilities in his current position are in teaching rather than scholarship, he is a scholar by nature. He has integrated himself into the creative work of the department, serving important roles in the production program. Karl brings important perspectives to Theatre and Cinema classrooms, and his scholarship and deep theoretical understandings extend the department’s capacities for connecting to students and audiences.

In his time at Virginia Tech, Karl has developed an impressive teaching record in multiple departments and in a variety of topics. He is engaged in student learning in multiple ways – inside the classroom, by developing curriculum, through exploration of the theoretical underpinnings of Theatre and Cinema productions, and in his extensive service on graduate committees. Karl has high expectations of students, and his own vigor and intellect support their achievements and understandings – he expands their minds. SPOI scores always reflect the students’ sense that Karl is an extraordinary asset in their education.

In 2010, John Ryan, Department Head of Sociology wrote, “Instructor Precoda did an excellent job with a SPOI score of 4.0. In the short period of time he has been with us, he has become a key player in our graduate program. He is already a member of three committees, and from my experience he has made important contributions to each. Students are beginning to recognize Instructor Precoda's wide-ranging expertise and are seeking him out. In the area of research, while he has no assignment in this area, he is already co-authoring with a faculty member and stimulating research discourse across the department. Karl Precoda is an important and visionary member of our team.”

A former Communication student wrote the following in an e-mail to Theatre and Cinema’s department head, Patricia Raun: “Karl has remarkable grasp of the social, cultural, and political import of literacy and communication, and how these crucial skills are (and are not) taught in educational settings. Beyond his dynamic personality, Karl brings an unusual level of focus and commitment to his efforts to improve as a teacher, and I emulate his critical approach to the best of my abilities. Karl’s analytic and synthetic thinking abilities, his intuitive sense of how to move into and adapt to new contexts, and his interdisciplinary expertise are qualities that are surely being put to exceptional work in your department.”

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