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Andrew McCoy


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Andrew McCoy, associate professor of Building Construction, for promoting better learning outcomes for students by integrating his professional experience into instructional approaches, stimulating students to conduct authentic self-directed and team-based research and learning similar to the professional environment.

Dr. McCoy is the director of the Virginia Center for Housing Research, assistant professor in the Department of Building Construction, principal faculty in the Myers-Lawson School of Construction in the College of Architecture and Urban Studies, and serves as an adjunct professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Dr. McCoy’s integration of “technical” and “leadership” components in the learning environment allows students to develop and demonstrate both conventional abilities in applied knowledge and the “non-technical” skills that are a growing area of importance for construction firms and the next generation of construction and general industry leaders. As part of his position, Dr. McCoy has made a point of employing his knowledge to benefit communities and businesses in the construction industry and at large. His teaching philosophy, drawing on past experiences both personal and in the corporate setting, promotes better learning through personal growth and classroom interaction. He applies this knowledge to the classroom setting in his Integrated Construction Studio, Principles of Construction, and Innovation in Construction courses, providing students with practical experience working on estimating and project management of real construction projects. Dr. McCoy also teaches a graduate course which explores concepts, theories, and applications of innovation in construction.

Dr. McCoy’s students say that "[h]e is always willing to work through any issue and offers solutions without telling you how to do it.” Other students describe him as a “good mentor” and “always available to answer questions (even for other classes).” Dr. McCoy received the 2011 and 2012 Exemplary Faculty award for the Department of Building Construction and the Myers Lawson School of Construction. He and his faculty teammates received the university-level 2010 XCalibur Award, for excellence in integrating technology into the Classroom Environment, and won the European Premier Prize (first overall). Dr. McCoy was solely responsible for the “Industrialization and Market Viability” portion of the competition, which won third prize internationally. Based on his work with engaging industry, he and a colleague recently received CAUS’s 2011 University Excellence in Outreach as a Team award and the 2011 Alumni Excellence in Outreach for Virginia Tech. The alumni excellence award places him permanently into the Academy of Outreach Excellence.

Finally, Dr. McCoy has been the co-primary investigator on more than two million dollars in funded projects, including “green” construction and safety practices in the construction supply chain. Recently funded endeavors include: (1) HUD's Impact of Market Behavior on the Adoption and Diffusion of Innovative Green Building Technologies, a Sustainable Communities Research grant; (2) CREATES, a Department of Labor grant to increase Southwest Virginia Constructors knowledge and application of green technologies; (3) ELECTRI Foundation's 2011 Early Career Award; and (4) NIOSH's The Case for a Whole Industry Approach to Safety, a grant on safety across cultures and sectors of the construction industry. Another endeavor was the 2009 Department of Energy Solar Decathlon competition in which university teams compete to design, build, manage and operate the most attractive and energy-efficient solar-powered house.

Dr. McCoy believes that every day is an opportunity for learning whether through study or experience, and he passes that philosophy on to his students.


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