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Eric Hodges


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Eric Hodges, instructor of Philosophy, for implementing innovative pedagogies in a distance learning environment in order to encourage student participation in online instruction.

Eric Hodges is an instructor in the philosophy department who teaches an online course titled Global Ethics. Eric believes the discussions that occur between course participants is the cornerstone of a successful pedagogy. One of the difficulties with teaching an online course is maintaining the dynamic discussions that occur in a face-to-face class. In order to maintain this dynamic, Eric created a WordPress website for Global Ethics. The purpose of the course website is to stimulate and easily facilitate discussion. In order to encourage classroom community and participation, Eric requires each online participant to provide a video introduction, makes participation grades a substantial portion of the final grade, and sets up weekly virtual discussion groups on the website for students to engage with the key themes of the course.

Students from Eric's online course have commented on these teaching methods:

"I want to thank you for providing the best structured and run online class that I have taken in my 3.5 years at Tech. I thank you very much for an enjoyable class and semester."

"Thank you for a great semester. It was extremely interactive, which is hard to find in an online format."

"I would like to thank you for an excellent semester. This was my very first philosophy course EVER and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I found that I really like philosophy and plan on taking more philosophy courses undergrad."


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