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Jennifer Bondy


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Jennifer Bondy, visiting assistant professor of Teaching and Learning, for outstanding teaching and commitment to student success.

Jennifer currently prepares both Foreign Language Teachers and English as a Second Language teachers as part of her work in the School of Education. Jennifer meets the needs of both sets of students by tailoring individual syllabi for her students. This type of commitment to individualized learning is demonstrative of how supportive she is of student success.

Dr. Bondy’s areas of expertise include immigration, gender, and education; curriculum and teacher education; cultural studies and education; girlhood studies; feminist transnationalism; and, qualitative research. She participated in the design, organization, and implementation of a five-day workshop related to fostering junior and senior high school girls' leadership and activism skills for a grant funded by the Miami University Department of Educational Leadership.


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