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Mantu Hudait


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Mantu Hudait, associate professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, for using his unique teaching style where he uses many years of industrial experience to structure graduate and undergraduate courses wherein he teaches students how to use course materials to solve relevant and real-world problems.

Dr. Hudait’s teaching philosophy comprises two necessary and related elements: (1) knowledge of the content and (2) effective communication between instructor and student. A vital aspect of Dr. Hudait’s teaching approach is incorporating his own experiences in industry into his classes. As a result, his primary goal is to foster students’ independent critical thinking and analytical reasoning to augment their problem solving skills, rather than succumb to rote memorization.

Dr. Hudait has received the Teacher of the Week recognition in 2012 for his graduate teaching courses (ECE5206, ECE6204).

Dr. Hudait actively uses student feedback from each courses he teaches to guide and develop his teaching approach to enhance students learning. Students’ responses on evaluations demonstrate their appreciation of Dr. Hudait and his teaching:

From ( “I haven't found any adjective to define the 'awesomeness' of this guy. This guy is the best professor I have ever had in my life and I can say is the best professor in Virginia Tech. Extremely intelligent. Passionate about teaching. In the first place this guy is coming from the industry, he has worked for more than 10 years. He has a lot of work experience which he relates to what he teaches in the classroom. His class is interactive. Question and answer between student and professor. Just give your view even if you don't know the correct answer. He only gets mad when students don't wanna participate in class discussion. Has passion for his students. He actually behaves like a parent [rather] than an ordinary professor. He can even stay after class for more than an hour answering student's questions."

From Fall ECE2204 SPOT (please see more of these comments): “Lively class, related theory to practical applications, which stimulated interest. The instructor related the material to real world problems. Very excited about his teaching. He was very caring and tried to meet every student's needs. He brought the industry perspective to the lectures which gave it a practical feel."

“He was always willing to go back over something and re-do an example, no matter how many times that example had been covered. The material for the course was tough and he was very patient with us trying to grasp it."

“He wanted all of us to succeed and was never hesitant to help. I've never had a teacher who knew his material so thoroughly and loved it as well. His willingness to help is apparent and stimulated an environment that was easy to learn in. Thank you for having him teach this course."(ECE2204)

“He is the perfect person for this class (ECE2204). I cannot imagine a better substitute. I am willing to take the next level courses taught by him. Professor Hudait is an excellent instructor in that his desire is for all of his students to do well. He stresses trying to better the performance of students who don't do so well in the class, rather than concentrating on the ones that do."

“Definitely the best professor I have this semester and probably one of the best professor I ever had. I am amazed by his caring personality for the students. I would have taken him in all the classes if it was possible. Professors like him make the education, university, and studying a wonderful memory. My salute to this nice human being."


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