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Henry Quesada-Pineda


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Henry Quesada-Pineda, associate professor of Sustainable Biomaterials, for incorporating novel teaching methods with the goal of creating outstanding experts in the areas of sustainability and business management.

Henry Quesada-Pineda’s teaching goal is to build a pool of well-qualified leaders who can take their learning experiences with them to be successful in the businesses and communities they will serve. Critical to Henry’s teaching goal are the outputs from his research program and the level of interaction that occurs with stakeholders through his extension and outreach programs.

Henry currently teaches SBIO 3464 Forest Products Business Systems, and SBIO 3954 Global Issues in Sustainability. Henry created SBIO 3464 based on previous courses and with the intention to incorporate online teaching tools and student-centered instructional methods (funded by an $18,000 internal grant and the acquisition of an enterprise resource planning software, a $50,000 donation) in order to support a higher-level active learning process. The second course (SBIO 3954) was started in the fall 2010 semester with the objective of exposing students from the College of Natural Resources and Environment (CNRE) to understand how communities and industry apply sustainability in international settings. This course has a strong experiential learning foundation that allows students to exercise higher levels of reflection regarding how natural resources are used for economic development.

A student from Dr. Quesada-Pineda’s SBIO 3954 course emphasized gratitude for the impact of Henry’s instruction with the remark “I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing character and leadership not only during our trip but also in the classroom. I will never forget the impact you, our amazing study group, or the trip itself has had on my life. I learned so much about renewable resources and that it truly is possible for a country to run exclusively off those resources. As I move on in my life I will never forget you and our study abroad group."

In both of Henry Quesada-Pineda’s courses, the combination of innovative teaching methods with training in pedagogical issues has been very effective for the achievement of outstanding teaching evaluations. One of Henry’s peers commented on his teaching expertise: “Overall, Dr. Quesada is an excellent instructor. He has genuine concern and respect for his students. The course he had developed is taught with a high level of enthusiasm and at a level that is appropriate for the students. The course content covers the subject with appropriate detail. The on-line portion of the course is innovative, high quality, and it seems to enhance learning by providing practical examples to illustrate the points covered in lecture and this keeps the students engaged."

It is evident that Henry is making a great impact in the lives and futures of his students. He aims to help students to meet their potential as successful entrepreneurs and managers in the wood products industry and is successfully reaching them during their time as students as they approach that potential. Another student noted of the SBIO 3954 course “I’ve learned more in the past week than I have in some classes this whole semester.”


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