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Lara Khansa


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Lara Khansa, associate professor of Business Information Technology, for her dedication to her students and enthusiasm in her teaching, and for helping her students in an out of the classroom, often long after they complete her course.

Dr. Khansa's approach to teaching has been to prepare her students for their eventual jobs by teaching them how to think practically, make informed decisions, and articulate them eloquently. To this end, she has trained her students to use state-of-the-art technologies; facilitated effective, organized, and engaged lectures; and implemented fair and straightforward formative and summative assessment practices.

Dr. Khansa was awarded a grant by Virginia Tech’s Technology-Enhanced Learning and Online Strategies (TLOS) to develop BIT 5564, an online healthcare information technology course in the Masters of Information Technology program. Since it was first offered in Summer 2012, BIT 5564 has been extremely successful, with an average enrollment of about 60 graduate students per semester. Dr. Khansa has earned stellar evaluations for both course development and teaching. She has also taught BIT 2405, an introductory business statistics course to traditionally large classes.

One BIT 5564 student noted in the end-of-course teaching evaluations that Dr. Khansa’s “material was interesting and well-organized, which also made the learning environment fun and thought-provoking.”

During the Fall 2013 SPOT survey for her BIT 2405 course, one student noted, "Dr. Khansa is one of my favorite professors here at Virginia Tech. She provided numerous homework opportunities to boost our grade, counting 20% of our final. The homework was from Hawkes learning system, which is one of the best learning system software that I have used as a student. She also gives 4 quizzes during the semester that you can take up to three times each to boost your grade. She provides PowerPoint lectures, which she goes over in each class and works the problems on those slides. If you attend class and understand the material she covers in class, you will do well on the tests and quizzes. She doesn't make it easy on you, but she also doesn't play games with you either, seeing how much she can trip up her students or frustrate them with trick questions on a test that were not covered in class. Dr. Khansa is a straight-shooting, no nonsense type of professor, which is why she is one of the best Virginia Tech has to offer."

Another BIT 2405 student noted: "Lara really explained the material very thoroughly and efficiently. She didn't make her quizzes and tests very tricky which is great because it helps you learn more if you can actually do the quiz and score well on it. I had heard nightmare stories about other teachers and wound up with a great one!"

A third BIT 2405 student commented: "Dr. Khansa is a great teacher. She presented the subject matter clearly, and her PowerPoints that she taught off of were very thorough and helped me understand the material better."

Dr. Khansa has received two Thank a Teacher letters from her previous students. Thank a Teacher is a program coordinated by CIDER that enables students to voluntarily send personalized “thank you” notes to their instructors.


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