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Lynn Almond


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Lynn Almond, instructor of Accounting and Information Systems, for his student-focused, enthusiastic, and engaging teaching style.

Lynn teaches financial and managerial accounting courses, including Principles of Financial Accounting, Principles of Managerial Accounting, Intermediate Accounting I, Intermediate Accounting II, and Advanced Financial Accounting. Lynn brings over twenty-five years of industry experience into the classroom and shares his experience and knowledge with his students in an easy-to-follow way that allows students to appreciate the importance and usefulness of the material they are learning. In addition to his focus on practical experiences, Lynn implements a student-centered style focused on the guided development of knowledge in order to support his students’ success. For instance, he teaches accounting concepts using many examples. Lynn also presents concepts and applies them to business situations so as to help students understand the inherent relationships and concepts. He often develops "recipes" for approaching complex problems and helps students break them down into smaller pieces that are easier to learn. Lynn is well known for using classroom resources (e.g., document camera) to work through examples step-by-step to make sure students understand the concepts behind the situations.

Lynn has consistently received excellent student evaluations and many students continue to visit him after they have completed his class. Moreover, Lynn has received several Thank-a-Teacher letters and Favorite Teacher awards. He was also recognized by the Services for Students with Disabilities office with the Excellence in Access and Inclusion Award.

Students have expressed their appreciation for Lynn's efforts with favorable comments on student evaluations. Following are several examples: "He did a lot of practice problems and asked what we needed help with and explained those problems." "He was open for questions and office hours at any time." "He] tells stories about his past that relate to the subject matter and gets the class intrigued. His exams are a pain, but he is a really good professor and one of the best I've had." "This is a difficult class, but he did an incredible job teaching so that it was easier to understand everything." "Mr. Almond is a fantastic teacher." "[Mr. Almond was] very willing to help students."


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