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Stéphane Collignon


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Stéphane Collignon, instructor of Business Information Technology, for teaching mathematical modeling applied to business by providing many detailed real cases drawn from his career as an entrepreneur, field marketing manager, and logistician.

Stéphane Collignon teaches BIT2406 (Quantitative Methods II), a required class for all of Pamplin’s undergraduate students. His class size averages 109 students from all majors in Pamplin. As a former business student from schools in both France and the United States, Stéphane Collignon provides lively examples of jobs that young graduates are likely to be hired for when they come out of Virginia Tech’s business school. By providing detailed examples from his experience in the industry, Stéphane Collignon demonstrates how the technical tools used in class can apply, and how they require human management to lead to successful implementations. As Stéphane Collignon often says: “numbers and mathematical models on their own mean nothing. As a manager, it is your ability to understand them, communicate them, and persuade people that your solution is good, that matters.”

Each semester, through CIDER’s Thank a Teacher program, Stéphane Collignon receives multiple letters from students thanking him for his availability, his enthusiasm in class, and for making a required class interesting and relevant to their education. As one of them so kindly noted: “I loved how you used real life experience in your teaching, it really inspired me to learn and understand the practical applications of linear programming.” Another student wrote: “It’s supposedly a difficult course, but you made it easier to understand and get through. You’ve also accommodated a lot of your time for us. So, thank you for your time, effort, and help.”


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