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Andy Scerri


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Andy Scerri, assistant professor of Political Science, for his dedication to putting into practice his belief that a combination of traditional lectures and student-centered tutorials are central to teaching and the student experience, and for enabling dynamic learning practices, such as: formal panel debates, off-campus excursions and study tours, directed reading modules, VIP guest lectures, online forums, and interactions between students and practitioners such as policymakers and civil society actors.

Andy Scerri's teaching brings texts alive. He uses readings to highlight real world situations. The key achievement of his teaching is to provoke critical reflection by students upon existing ways of understanding the world. One of his students commented, “I love this class - it's very stimulating and produces thoughts that are indeed ‘ponderous.’” To these ends his teaching familiarizes students not only with classic readings but also with the requirements of project design and implementation, and the selection of appropriate research methods. Andy Scerri does this in both the undergraduate and graduate courses that he teaches, this semester, Global Environmental Issues (PSCI 3344) and Public Ecology (PSCI 5364). A former student of Dr. Scerri’s noted, “I really appreciated his breadth of knowledge about the subject area and how he was able to frame it historically, socially, scientifically, and culturally. This was a great way to present environmental policy.”

As a relatively new faculty member, Andy Scerri has made a positive impact through his teaching. Head of the Political Science Department, Prof. Timothy Luke has commended positively on his work as a teacher in the annual P&T Committee report. Another student stated, “Dr. Scerri is a great teacher. He focuses more on real learning and understanding rather than memorization and grades. I like how he wasn't forcing us to learn by scheduling quizzes or tests. Instead, he questioned us and made us think. In class exercises were aimed to get us into group and think both environmentally and politically. He was an excellent teacher and I look forward to hopefully taking another course of his.”

Andy creates a welcoming environment in which students are actively engaging and succeeding, as exemplified by his student’s evaluation, “He created a learning environment that was stress free and made discussion really productive. I really enjoyed his teaching style.”

Andy Scerri is author of “Greening Citizenship: Sustainable Development, the State and Ideology” (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012), and author or co-author of numerous book chapters and articles in leading journals, including Cities, Citizenship Studies, Ecological Economics, Environmental Politics, Environmental Policy & Planning, and Social Movement Studies.

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