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Meaghan Dee


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Meaghan Dee, assistant professor of School of Visual Arts, for creating an environment in which students are encouraged to experiment, create, and critique. Her classroom is a place of encouragement but also one that pushes students to grow as designers.

Meaghan’s classroom is focused on making. The students are encouraged to experiment (and even fail!). She provides historic and contemporary design examples to serve as inspiration. Additionally, she incorporates program demonstrations into the class. Typical classes include anything from class-wide (approximately 20 students) critiques, to working in small groups, to having individual meetings. Meaghan’s specialty is teaching Typography, but she has also taught various Graphic Design courses (ART 3566; ART 4504), guided MFA students with Independent Studies, and taught Package Design classes. Furthermore, she served as Director of FourDesign (a VT student-run, faculty-led graphic design center), where students work with real-world clients. The students in FourDesign produced numerous professional materials, including work for the College of Science, the College of Architecture and Urban Studies, and the Center for the Arts. The group created everything from books and brochures to websites and apps – many of which won recognition, including Gold and Silver ADDYs and Graphic Design USA awards.

These students are able to gain experience while still in the safety of the classroom. In the words of a former student, “Professor Dee’s dedication and genuine compassion for everyone around her at work is apparent everyday. She proactively checks in on each student and [FourDesign] employee to see if they need assistance on a project. These acts of dedication are by no means relegated to the traditional workday either. She often stays late or comes in early to help students. I personally experienced this generosity numerous times.”

Starting in August of 2014, Meaghan transitioned out of FourDesign and into a tenure-track Assistant Professor position. She is also the current chair of the Visual Communication Design program.

Visit the following links to view some of Meaghan Dee’s contributions:

Design Portfolio:

FourDesign (student-run design studio):

Postcard project (each individually designed):



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