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Olga Bruyaka


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Olga Bruyaka, assistant professor of Management, for her dedication to creating an environment that elicits student engagement, while welcoming and motivating students to view the subject matter through a strategic and global perspective.

Dr. Olga Bruyaka teaches Business Policy and Strategy (MGT 4394), a required class for all of Pamplin’s seniors. Through her experiences attaining higher education degrees from Ukraine and France and her college-level teaching experiences in both the USA and France, professor Bruyaka brings an international perspective to the subject matter. This is particularly critical in today’s global environment as it helps students better understand the challenges faced by US companies.

Dr. Bruyaka emphasizes collaborative learning in her Business Policy and Strategy class. She does this by using business cases to elicit student opinions on the appropriate management styles and techniques to employ. By implementing this instructional method, she offers her students the opportunity to interact with and discuss a diversity of professional options and opinions.

One student indicated, “It was very obvious that Dr. Bruyaka loves teaching and knows very much about the subject matter. I learned more in this class than in most classes I took at Virginia Tech.”

Olga often employs innovative, interactive, and engaging teaching techniques in her classes. For instance, she uses an in-class competitive game to teach students the role of strategic resources in the elaboration of a company’s strategy.

She also employs ‘impersonation’ techniques. For one class, she storms in the room, acting as a CEO in need of the board of directors’ (i.e., students) opinion on strategic issues. This approach has proved efficient in motivating students to learn, as one student aptly described: “Very nice professor. Provided us with some interesting and creative in-class activities. It made applying the knowledge fun and more useful.”


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