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Erin Hopkins


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Erin Hopkins, visiting assistant professor of Apparel, Housing & Resource Management, for her dedication to teaching with the purpose of molding students into professionals who can immediately add value and become leaders in their specialty upon graduation.

Dr. Hopkins educates through hands-on assignments and group projects. She mentors students by providing an open and communicative environment, as evidenced by one of her students, she “cared about the students and taught things in a fun way while also clearly teaching the information. She also made sure to answer questions that people might have but may be afraid to ask.” Erin Hopkins aims to inspire students by introducing current and applicable material in the field. Another student recognized that she “created assignments that forced us to incorporate course material to subjects and ideas out of the class.”

Throughout her teaching career, she has also learned a tremendous amount from her students and the inventive ideas they share. She has an open door office policy where she enjoys visiting with students to go over coursework or address any other issues they may be experiencing at Virginia Tech. One student noted, “She got the class involved and was available at all times to answer questions, whether it was in person or via email.”

Students recognize the teaching abilities of Dr. Hopkins. When reviewing her student perception of teaching scores for last semester, her overall teaching effectiveness for both the Multifamily Property Management and Operations (AHRM 2674) and Managing and Leasing Commercial Properties (AHRM 4684) courses were well above average. She truly sets out to effectively reach each student, as indicated by her student, “She makes sure everyone understands the material. Especially with the more difficult topics like budgeting, she sets out days to do plenty of examples until everything makes sense.”

As Dr. Hopkins engages her students with her hands-on approach to learning, her passion translates into the classroom:

“Dr. Hopkins has honestly been my favorite teacher at Virginia Tech and this has only been her first semester so that says something. Not only was she a great teacher but she was always there for us. If we asked a question that she didn’t know the first thing she would do to start the next class would be to answer that question. When the students see that the teacher loves her job, it makes us love the material. This is the only class I have ever taken where we are free to discuss in class and laugh with each other. The positive environment and comfort has really made a difference and helped in learning the material.”

Erin Hopkins desires to always continue growing and progressing throughout her teaching career, and is therefore currently enrolled in the New Faculty/Early Career Teaching Certificate program.

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