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Young Teck Kim


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Young Teck Kim, assistant professor of Sustainable Biomaterials, for his excellence in teaching and advising. Dr. Kim provides a new perspective on learning by teaching students how their knowledge applies in the real world industry of sustainable biomaterials.

Dr. Kim’s vast experience and knowledge of polymer packaging sciences and sustainability provides students with a different perspective to the packaging industry. His innovative research introduces the future of sustainability in packaging and he shares these innovations with his students.

Dr. Kim strives for the betterment of his students. He is constantly providing assistance for industry guidance and career opportunities. Dr. Kim is whole-heartedly dedicated to helping students succeed to their fullest potential. He is passionate about what he’s doing within the packaging program, which is reflected in his everyday demeanor. Dr. Kim is extremely friendly and tries to get to know all of his students.

His remarkable influence on students shows in the following student remarks:

“I really enjoyed the Food and Healthcare Packaging class that he offers in fall. By taking this class, it supported in my decision to pursue the food packaging field. I am also a part of his Polymer Evaluations class this semester, for the select few of us that are interested in the polymer packaging field. He provides us with the best experiences through interactive field trips and student taught lectures.”

“I have taken all of Dr. Kim’s classes and I am apart of his research lab in Cheatham Hall. He is extremely knowledgeable in industrial applications and problem solving of polymers, with specifics in biodegradable polymers. In his classes, he provides hands on experience of packaging polymer and food packaging technologies during laboratory instructions.”

Dr. Kim is also the advisor for the VT Packaging student club and is very involved in helping run a successful club for this up-and-coming major. He focuses his time and energy on his teaching and the development of curriculum for Packaging Science at Virginia Tech.

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