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Cayce Myers


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Cayce Myers, assistant professor of Communication, for his ability to foster a learning environment where students engage and critically analyze knowledge.

Through a variety of pedagogical strategies Dr. Myers wants students to engage with material by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of public relations techniques, mass communication theories, and legal strategies. He says, "My biggest goal for students--undergraduate or graduate--is for them to understand how a piece of information fits into the larger context of human knowledge. Making students analyze material in multiple contexts and understand how issues and ideas interact with each other gives students a greater appreciation for the complexity of communication.”

Dr. Myers structures his courses to prepare students for their professional life outside of his classroom. "I tell students on the first day of class that my goal is to teach them what they need to know when they eventually graduate and leave the classroom permanently. I know that they will not encounter everything I teach them immediately, but the best reward in teaching is hearing from former students who tell you that what they learned in your class really helped them in their profession."

As an assistant professor at Virginia Tech, Dr. Myers finished CIDER's Early Career Teaching Certificate. He also received a Design and Development Award from TLOS in which he is designing public relations case studies for both flipped and fully online instruction. In addition to his pedagogical training, Dr. Myers serves as a faculty representative on the Graduate Honor System, and starting in Fall 2015 will be the public relations representative to the undergraduate curriculum committee in the Department of Communication.


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