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Mary Marchant


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Mary Marchant, professor of Agricultural and Applied Economics, for her ability to go beyond teaching disciplinary knowledge and actively include important skills such as effective communication and teamwork.

Dr. Marchant teaches a variety of course in the department of Agriculture and Applied Economics including, but limited to, courses focused around agriculture marketing, economics, and ethics. She also teaches a graduate seminar entitled “Success in Academia” to help prepare her students who are seeking a career at the university level. Throughout her career, Dr. Marchant has taught over 2,000 undergraduate and graduate students.

Teaching is very important to Dr. Marchant. She states that her “teaching philosophy is to enhance students’ academic success and professional development.” For graduate students, this means working with students to publish papers in academic journals and present them at scholarly conferences. For undergraduates, Dr. Marchant believes in-class group projects capture the students’ acquired knowledge and employable skill set. As one former students wrote after being employed immediately upon graduation, “Forcing us all to stand up every week and talk about something (often something that we weren't entirely sure about) was great practice… I was definitely blessing those Friday presentations when I made it through without stumbling!”

Dr. Marchant strongly believes students should be treated with respect. She seeks to create a “sense of community” in each of her classes, be it from learning students’ names—even in large classes - being responsive to students’ e-mails and providing out-of-class review sessions prior to exams where she provides pizza. She lists this one of her favorite activities of teaching because it provides a more casual atmosphere where she can really get to know her students. Dr. Marchant also acknowledges the importance of hiring effective undergraduate Teaching Assistants to further enhance here classroom community.

Dr. Marchant’s teaching efforts include numerous national, university and college teaching and advising awards including completion of VT’s CIDER 2014-15 Large Class Teaching Certificate Program, 2006-8 Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU), Academic Programs Section: Leadership and Service Award, 2003 UK Outstanding Advisor Award, 1999 American Agricultural Economics Association’s Distinguished Teaching Award- Less than 10 years’ experience, 1998 UK Alumni Association’s Great Teacher Award, based on student nominations and 1994 College of Agriculture’s Gamma Sigma Delta Master Teacher Award.


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