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Vinh Nguyen


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Vinh Nguyen, assistant professor of Physics, for being a great lecturer, and always willing to spend time beyond his office hours to help with homework and explain the concepts in great detail.

Dr. Nguyen has taught Intro to Nanoscience and 4000 level Optics. He spends the classtime explaining all the concepts students need to have a thorough understanding of the materials and objectives of the course. This includes mathematical proofs and real world examples with pictures to keep students engaged. Homework is assigned each week to enhance the students’ understanding of complex material. If there is something students cannot quite grasp, Dr. Nguyen explains the concepts in great detail the next class period. Often times, he can be found teaching students for many hours beyond of his scheduled office hours. Dr. Nguyen also takes great care in providing detailed solutions to all of the returned homework, allowing students to examine and learn from mistakes, and grow as experts in learning and in the field. In addition to being a great classroom teacher, Dr. Nguyen ensures that student researchers in his lab come out with a deeper understanding of the topics, and experimental skills that apply to future research.

Students have expressed that his teaching style is different from many instructors, that “he cared most about our understanding of the material and not that we all receive A's. Everyone I have spoken to left his class with a great understanding of the material. This was refreshing and important toward out education in physics.”


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