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Kevin Wang


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Kevin Wang, assistant professor of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering, for his passion in teaching and his innovative use of advanced technologies in undergraduate courses.

Dr. Wang truly cares about his students’ learning and does everything he can to help students understand the course materials. He uses interesting and innovative materials to make the course more exciting, such as relevant video clips and frontier research topics. In the Naval Architecture course, Dr. Wang covers the fundamentals of naval architecture and touches on the basics of marine engineering with a good blend of math and intuitive description. This year, he included an extracurricular project so that students get familiar with computer-aided design programs. He also took advantage of the state-of-the-art 3D printers in the AOE 3D Printing Lab and allowed students to print their models; in this way, he fostered academic curiosity and increased the students’ enthusiasm for learning. In another class, Computational Methods, Dr. Wang helped students to learn numerical problem-solving skills in lectures packed with coding examples and opportunities for practice. Given that more than 120 students are in the class, Dr. Wang used MathWorks Cody Coursework to create programming assignments for students and automatically grade their work, which significantly improved the efficiency of teaching and increased the amount of feedback each student can receive on his/her homework. Even with so many students, he always answers questions promptly and with patience.

Dr. Wang received the Virginia Tech Early Career Teaching Certificate in 2015. The following quotes from his former students accurately describe his teaching style: “[He] had great enthusiasm. I hope that I can be as such in my future work environment, and I mean that. Pretty neat.” and “He cared. Dr. Wang had a fantastic learning atmosphere and truly wanted his students to understand.”


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