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Kaleb Delk


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Kaleb Delk, instructor of Music, for advocating a learner-centered instructional environment that emphasizes passion, inclusion, and inquiry.

This year, Professor Delk taught Music Apprciation, Music Theory, Advanced Ear Training, and Music Fundamentals. Though these courses vary in size and demographic from three sophomore pianists (Advanced Ear Training) to one hundred diverse non-majors (Music Appreciation), each course addresses skills that will serve students in their academic and professional careers. These courses develop competencies ranging from technical music analysis and interpretation (Music Theory) to writing a song (Music Fundamentals). In each course, lessons involve varied strategies designed to aid every student in achieving a few measurable learning objectives. These strategies include group activities, problem-solving, short instructor-led discussions, quizzes, and writing designed to encourage processing.

One of Professor Delk's students remarks, "his unique...skits and various interactions allowed...students like me to learn and reinforce concepts in multiple different ways... He was always very patient with every student in the class and gave the feeling that no student should be left in the dust." For the final of first semester theory, students are asked to perform a melodic analysis on a piece of music they are working on in their applied lessons. Students submit a paper to the instructor along with showing a short video and performing an excerpt from the music for their peers. This multi-dimensional assignment requires students to apply concepts learned in the theory class to their performances, replicating habits of successful professionals. "From the way he teaches in the classrrom, you can tell he is very passionate about music theory. That encourages me to try harder and learn as much as I can."


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