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Eric Lyon


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Eric Lyon, associate professor of practice of Music, for excellence in creating and teaching courses that integrate the study of music and technology.

Lyon's pedagogical approach is experience-driven, with a focus on directing student learning activities to maximize intellectual growth and personal reflection in the course of developing measurable skills. His music classes foreground creativity, both actively requiring students to develop and apply their own creativity to artistic problems, and also to reflect on the larger role of creativity in their lives. Lyon has been active as a Pathways Scholar, and embraces the challenges and opportunities of teaching heterogeneous classes with students representing a wide range of disciplinary areas. Teamwork forms an important part of his course Digital Sound Manipulation, where student groups develop, code, and perform live computer-based art works.

"I looove Eric Lyon and this class. A quite profound individual, teaching an equally profound class."

"He was one of the best professors that I've ever had in terms of his accessibility. If I would send an email late in the evening or early hours of the morning, he would respond resoundingly fast. He was patient with me and really helped when I was stuck and/or confused about how to achieve what I was hoping to accomplish with a sound."

"Professor Lyon took my creative interests and truly pushed to foster and grow them. The best part is that he is not biased towards any discipline, so he works to help the student in their pursuits rather than limiting them."

Below are a few student comments from the 2014 & 2015 SPOT surveys on Digital Sound Manipulation:

"Prof. Lyon is extremely passionate about computer music and teaching others about it. He very willing to listen to feedback and what us as a class wanted out of this course and made changes to incorporate them. Additionally he made himself extremely available if I ever needed help with a class projects or personal ones and gave great input and encouragement. Overall one of the best professors I have had."

"Let me be creative! It is extremely refreshing to be treated as a smart, competent adult who, if I have questions I will ask them, but was able to really push my boundaries on understanding how I learn and how I can apply what I learned to achieve the object of projects. The instructor is very easy to talk to, and very very passionate about the subject material. He did a great job of stimulating a room full of students at 9:30am."

"Dr. Lyon delivers an atmosphere to his class that stimulates creativity and encourages experimentation of our individual interests."


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