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Traci Gardner


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Traci Gardner, instructor of English, for excellence in designing and teaching courses that integrate the study of professional and technical writing and technology.

Traci Gardner teaches English 3764 (Technical Writing) and English 3844 (Writing and Digital Media). Her courses focus on incorporating digital writing practices and developing student agency in the writing process. With 19 years of industry experience, she brings an extensive knowledge of workplace writing practices to her courses—including information on writing for the web, social media campaigns, and interactive technologies. Gardner's courses ask students to work on passion projects that explore topics relevant to their disciplines, their future careers, and their personal interests. All their work is published online for authentic, public audiences. These projects include creating public websites and blogs, video documentaries and diaries, and audio feature stories. Coupled with her 11 years of teaching experience, Gardner’s workplace e helps her find ways for students to match their work in her courses to their future career and academic goals.

Traci Gardner is a Pathways Scholar (2015–2017), who focuses on integrating innovation and digital culture in general education courses. She serves on the Professional and Technical Writing Committee and the Instructor Concerns Committee, both in the Department of English. In 2015, she was awarded the Kairos / Bedford St. Martin's Award for Teaching, a national award that celebrates the contributions of non-tenure track faculty who use computers and writing pedagogies in their classroom-based practice to promote student learning. She currently serves as the chair of the Digital WPA Committee of the Council of Writing Program Administrators a member of the NCTE Outreach and Communications Network, and a past chair of the CCCC's Committee on Computers in Composition and Communication.

Student Comments:
"The constantly-updated class site was an awesome resource to have; I always knew what was going on in class as well as what needed to be done and when. Not only that, I could go back to a previous class to see what I may have missed. Of all my class sites, this one was by far the most useful and the only one I actually used regularly."

"I wasn't looking forward to taking [Writing and Digital Media] at the beginning of the semester because it was an added requirement for the new majors, so I didn't sit down on the first day with the best attitude. Professor Gardner slowly changed my mind about the value of the subject matter, the course itself, and her instruction. The projects were designed to be fun for us to complete (I often found myself working on them far in advance of the due dates just because I wanted to), while still allowing us to develop skills relevant to the course material. Professor Gardner struck the best balance of being professional and personable, and if I had more room in my schedule I would take whatever other classes she teaches."


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