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Brandi Quesenberry


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Brandi Quesenberry, advanced instructor of Communication, for for creating interactive and reflective learning opportunities for students to develop their public speaking skills by gaining the knowledge and confidence needed to communicate effectively.

Quesenberry teaches a variety of undergraduate courses including Communication Skills and Virtual Public Speaking. As the Director of Public Speaking, she teaches a graduate level Teaching Practicum, where she trains and mentors GTAs to begin their collegiate teaching careers. Additionally she serves as the Assistant Director of the CommLab, a public speaking tutoring center, where she teaches an undergraduate course that trains students to serve as peer speech coaches. She believes in the value of empowering others to be good communicators and works to inspire new teachers and tutors to create positive learning environments.

She understands the anxiety that public speaking creates; therefore, her teaching style centers on creating a supportive and welcoming classroom culture where students can explore their current communication skills and master new techniques. As one student noted, “She cares about her students which creates a great atmosphere for learning… [she] took a subject that I was dreading & made it extremely enjoyable.”

Whether teaching in a traditional class format, a flipped classroom model, or a fully online course, she utilizes interactive activities, facilitates thoughtful discussions and reflections, and relies on a rich combination of teacher and peer feedback to challenge students as they hone their presentational skills. A former student stated, “She expected something from the students. I think this is one of the greatest things a professor can offer is expectation of good, eventually great, work. More than that, she fostered a wonderful learning environment where she created an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.”

In 2015, Quesenberry was a co-recipient of the XCaliber Team Award. She also received a Design and Development Award from TLOS to develop a fully online version of Virtual Public Speaking for Winter Session. Quesenberry enjoys helping students see how effective communication skills will assist them in accomplishing their goals. One of her former students wrote, “I am now looking forward to my future both as a student and as a speaker, for I know I will be using what I have learned in this class throughout the rest of my educational and professional careers.”

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