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Betti Kreye


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Betti Kreye, clinical assistant professor of Teaching and Learning, for exceptional enthusiasm, amazing organization, and the ability to assure that all of her students are accomplished and confident teachers of mathematics.

Dr. Kreye teaches mathematics education within the School of Education.

Dr. Kreye works tirelessly to assure that all of her students gain mathematics knowledge and teaching skills, with a continuous focus on assessment of outcomes and assurance that students gain a high level of self-efficacy in the teaching of mathematics. Dr. Kreye is uniformly respected and appreciated by colleagues and students at all levels. Students in my program often note that, although they never considered themselves to be “good at math,” after taking Dr. Kreye’s courses, they realized that they were stronger mathematics students than they previously realized and felt confident about becoming teachers of math.


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