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Hazhir Rahmandad


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Hazhir Rahmandad, assistant professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering, for combining team-based learning, hands on exercises, and student-centered projects to make learning in video-based and in-person classroom pleasant and effective.

Dr. Rahmandad draws on principles of team based learning in his ENGR5004 and ENGR5104 courses (~30-40 students per semester, distributed across 3-6 sites). The student learning in these advanced engineering courses is enhanced through multidimensional instruction and evaluation including student-centered projects, team-based exercises and quizzes, projects and project reviews, peer evaluation, and exams. Through double-blind review procedures student learn from each other and become better critiques of techniques discussed in the courses.

Despite challenges involved in teaching long-distance courses in the evenings, Dr. Rahmandad has received solid reviews for his teaching, for example his latest evaluation (3.5 for ENGR5004 course in Spring 2011) was higher than average college of engineering evaluation for graduate courses. Moreover students consistently praise his teaching in their anonymous evaluations, sample student comments include: "Great class, learned a lot and enjoyed it. Learned practical knowledge and enjoyed the teaching style.", "The lecture on sustainability and happiness. It literally changed the way I view the world. Interesting, well-researched, well-taught. An amazing lecture.", "The interactive format of the course (lots of Q&A and discussion) and the professor's approachability and knowledge base"


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