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Reid Tyson


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Reid Tyson, assistant professor of Small Animal Clinical Sciences, for his use of technology to increase learning and engagement. Although a relatively new faculty member, Dr. Tyson has become a superstar in the area of teaching with technology. His knowledge and expertise in this area is truly astounding, and he puts it into practical use in both the classroom (didactic lectures) and in senior Radiology clerkship teaching.

Dr. Tyson was given a relatively large amount of teaching and administrative responsibility as a new faculty member when he was assigned course leader of the Vet Musculoskeletal System (VM 8284). In this course, he is responsible for 9 hours of lecture and 3 labs, in addition to the administration of the course, overseeing a large number of faculty contributors. Dr. Tyson instituted several new technologies in this course. Some of these new technologies include:
• Installed an open-source content management system (, similar to Blackboard, for teaching. As the server/site/course administrator, Ihe is able to grant access to all students and have better control of advanced features. This site currently hosts resources for normal diagnostic imaging anatomy, VM 8284 (Vet Musculoskeletal System) and VM 9634 (Radiology Clerkship). The resources for the radiology clerkship are a cumulative resource from all of the radiologists that he has coordinated, uploaded and managed. In addition, other useful online student radiology resources from different veterinary schools are also included

• Installed an open-source digital radiology teaching file system server (Medical Imaging Resource Center or MIRC) so students can view teaching cases remotely ( This interface allows him to present cases in a step-wise realistic manner. After letting students view the case/s, he is able to post the answers and include a multimedia description of the case, if needed. Since applied radiology skills are largely experientially learned, the online resources have been very valuable. Providing web accessible cases and resources removes the “physical” issues that limited student learning in the past.

• Used screen capture software to record lectures and labs for VM 8284 (Vet Musculoskeletal System). The screen capture software records all screen content, including movement, with audio.

• Used Jing to develop short multimedia tutorials for students and to reply to class and email questions. This was a very powerful tool that allowed me to respond to difficult questions in a novel way.

The students in this course were extremely excited and happy with these innovations. Several students commented on them to me, and many requested that I utilize the same innovations in my own lectures. The teaching evaluations from this class are extremely high (I don’t believe anyone in the department has ever received evaluations this high). Another important fact is the number of students that filled out an evaluation for Dr. Tyson. This large number (75) is an indication of the class desire to show their overwhelming approval and support for his teaching style and innovations.

Dr. Tyson has received, or been nominated for numerous teaching awards, including Pfizer Animal Health Distinguished Teaching Award twice, and Teacher of the Year.

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