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Pierre Couture


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Pierre Couture, instructor of Hospitality and Tourism Management, for his widely-recognized vivid teaching methods and passionate guidance and everlasting courage for each student.

Pierre instructs Food and Beverage Management and Lodging Management classes in Hospitality and Tourism Department. There is no doubt that Pierre has the highest popularity and recognition among students. Our eyes will become brighter when we know we have Pierre as our beloved director. Two leading features in his classes are encouragement of detailed group discussions and patient guidance for everyone (definitely all young minds). We could always receive effective resources sent by him on the scholar, an efficient way to enhance our understanding within the real hotel world. Amazingly, he could remeber his Chinese exchange student's Chinese name by hearing its pronounciation once. He shows high respect and real concern for everyone, dedicating himself to best care as well as teaching all the time.

Mr. Couture has developed extensive industry experience as the Executive Director of several vacation resorts, the Sports Director for the Quebec Sports Games, a Branch Manager of Okeefe Breweries, and the Art Center and Cultural Event Manager of Riviere-du-Loup. His research interests are all aspects of Ski and Golf Resorts (Hotel and Condominium), Agritourism
business, and Marketing Strategy. Honestly speaking, even the harshest student in his class shows high focus on the content. Megan, Graham, Jonathan and many other students all think highly of Pierre, marking "Yeah, he is absolutely the best teacher in my life."


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