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Michael Alexander


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Michael Alexander, assistant professor of History, for his highly successful approach to teaching introductory classes, and for his commitment to using a variety of techniques to reach his students.

Alexander has been described as an extremely popular and effective teacher, as well as a thoughtful teaching-scholar, willing to share successful teaching approaches with others. He demonstrated this dedication in 2009, when he presented his experiences on integrating animation, audio, and video in PowerPoint at CIDER’s Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy. Mark Barrow, Head of the Department of History, said of Alexander:

“His students appreciate the great care he takes in producing compelling PowerPoint presentations, his captivating lecture style, his use of innovative concept maps to make connections in history, his effective incorporation of music and video into his presentations, his clear passion for teaching, and his ability to make history come alive,” said Mark Barrow, professor and chair of the Department of History who nominated Alexander for the award. “They value his friendly demeanor, his genuine desire to help them succeed, and his willingness to provide useful advice not just about classes but also about graduate school and careers in history.”

Alexander was recently awarded the 2011 Sporn Award for Excellence in Teaching Introductory Subjects. A student described Alexander’s teaching approach:

“Dr. Alexander is a very student friendly professor who is willing to offer help and service to any willing student. He has a passion for teaching that is noticeable in his vivid detailed presentations and has no problem elaborating on this material. Dr. Alexander is also the most approachable professor I have encountered in my collegiate career offering numerous extra credit opportunities throughout the duration of his course.”


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