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Bill Glenn


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Bill Glenn, of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, for bringing excitement to adult learning. Each evening Dr. Glenn faces 20 + professionals who have already worked a full day in busy schools, dealt with family matters, and made the trip to Falls Church during rush hour. His love of the subject matter and his ability to reach each learner on our own levels exceed the expectation of each doctoral student.

The NCR 2013 EdD cohort in ELPS is blessed to have Dr. Bill Glenn as our instructor and advisor. Dr. Glenn has an exciting and practical approach to leading, learning, and researching. Dr. Glenn takes a personal interest in each of his doctoral students. His flexible schedule allows our cohort to meet with Dr. Glenn when needed. School Finance was our introduction to Dr. Glenn’s instructional talents. The public education financial formulas in Virginia are at best, difficult to understand. Twenty students, who worked with these formulas under Dr. Glenn’s watchful eye, beg to differ. We clearly understand the fine points of Virginia’s public school budget and feel confident we will use his information as we move into higher positions in our school divisions. We are currently in the second semester of EDRE 6606 Quantitative Analysis. Even the two former math teachers in the cohort revel at Dr. Glenn’s ability to teach this cumbersome and often difficult subject matter. It has been 30 years since I used this side of my brain, I was never considered a student of math. Thanks to Dr. Glenn’s patience, his willingness to match his instruction to individual student need, and his command of Quantitative Concepts, we conduct research for our dissertations and know what how to interpret the data.

The best gift Dr. Glenn brings to Virginia Tech and his students is a thorough understanding of teaching and learning through the lens of a lawyer. Dr. Glenn makes sense of policy and current events and how these influence public and private school education. He challenges our cohort to think about decisions made on out level and their impact of in the world of learning. Dr. Glenn forces us to look globally and act locally. We often talk about procedures for children who learn differently. He encouraged me to rethink the processes used in my school and he provided resources allowing me to analysis reading and math data for elementary age students in a most effective manner. My cohort concurs that we are blessed to have Dr. Glenn lead our learning.


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