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David Harrison


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes David Harrison, associate professor of Psychology, for teaching over 1500 students in introductory psychology every fall semester, which he has done for the past 30 years. He has been nominated for the Sporn award at least 5 times. His students consistently praise his teaching style and lectures.

Dr. Harrison teaches Intro to Psych, Nervous Systems and Behavior, Biological Bases (grad students), and Neuropsychology (grad students). He manages to make a very intimidating subject very friendly and interesting largely through his clinical work with the traumatically brain injured. He holds high standards for his students, but he also motivates them so that they rarely disappoint him. He truly enjoys his teaching.

"Dr. Harrison is a neuropsychologist and knows so much! I'd love to hear all of his crazy stories and experiments. After hearing all the things he trained monkeys to do, I feel like I could get a pet monkey myself and train him to be the man!"
"Harrison is very enthusiastic. One of the best teachers I've had at Tech. He is so smart and makes the subject matter very interesting. It is easy to pay attention to him. He helps you remember by telling stories. Sometimes he might seem all over the place but just try you best to pay attention. Even if you aren't majoring in psyc I recommend you take this class. It was the best class I took last year."
"Dr. Harrison is an amazing professor who knows what he's talking about. He helps you remember the things you need to know by telling you stories of patients or acting out what a person with a certain disorder does. He's funny and loves answering questions--he actually does care what the students think and wants them to learn."
"AMAZING teacher, he is full of interesting case studies and examples. He made my experience of first year psychology great."

All of these quotes (and hundreds more) are available on No ownder he has been nominated for the Sporn award and "favorite professor" awards so many times!

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