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Dale Jenkins


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Dale Jenkins, advanced instructor of Communication, for his dedication to students' learning and welfare, for his passion in fostering a positive learning environment, for his excellent class management and interactive teaching style.

Mr. Jenkins’ ability to foster a positive learning environment with his excellent class management skills, interaction with students, and teaching expertise is communicated throughout his teaching.

I had the opportunity to evaluate Mr. Jenkins in various COMM: Media Writing sessions. Mr. Jenkins engaged students in a series of news sharing activities at the beginning of the classes. Mr. Jenkins made students feel welcome with his relaxed manner. He was very comfortable with the class atmosphere as if he was sitting in his living room chatting with guests. The interactions with students were easy, comfortable and relaxing. Mr. Jenkins’ delivery was varied and engaging.

Through in-class examples, exercises and group-based Q&A sessions, students learned how to improve their craft. They also learned a valuable lesson by working with group members who may have different communication styles. Mr. Jenkins had an excellent delivery style that welcomes students into his world. I have no doubt that Mr. Jenkins demonstrated energy, enthusiasm and passion for teaching that foster a very positive learning environment benefits students for years to come.

Colleague quote 1: "Mr. Jenkins is very concerned with students' learning and personal welfare."

Colleague quote 2: "From my students and advisees, I always hear positive remarks and how much Mr. Jenkins cares about students.

Student quote 1: "I first walked into Dale Jenkins' Communication Skills class in 2004. It was my very first college class as a new freshman, and possibly my most favorite throughout undergrad. With a conversational and welcoming approach to teaching, Mr. Jenkins leads a comfortable class for his students. Like many, I dreaded the idea of public speaking. On several occasions, Mr. Jenkins reassured me in my abilities to prepare and deliver effective presentations. As a graduate student now, I still continue to draw confidence from his advice. He remains a valued mentor and friend."


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