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Peggy Quesenberry


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Peggy Quesenberry, professor of Apparel, Housing & Resource Management, for her complete dedication to the apparel program. As small as the apparel concentration may be, she effects every student that walks into her classroom. Many students, like myself, were anxious about the thought of using a machine to construct clothing and somewhat continued that pattern of on and off frustration as many were novices at the skill. However, Peggy kept her encouragement alive in us and if all else, provided us with an ability to connect with her in a way that is difficult for many students to achieve with their professors - whether it be through her humor, understanding, or just complete & utter observation that these students she talks to every day are not only students, but human beings. On many occasions, I have walked into the classroom frustrated, whether it be about a new garment assignment or something completely unrelated, and left with a smile on my face. She has a truly special ability to connect and be there for us, & that is something I will never forget, years after I graduate.

Peggy is incredibly patient and the primary professor among the apparel program that teaches students how to sew using machines, many of which are novices at the skill. These courses, including Basic Apparel Assembly and Pattern, Fit & Drape, along with the numerous other design classes she has taught throughout her time here have allowed students to become educated while also allowing their own creativity flow. She also teaches a freshman introduction to Photoshop and sketching, which requires much of the same patience and detail in instruction as the other product development & design classes. Many students walk into these classes confused and scared, as I was, and leave confident in their ability to create something they may have never imagined doing.

Peggy was just awarded the first faculty award for the Fashion Society, which will now be named after her from now on (Peggy Quesenberry award), which will now be award to outstanding faculty or alumni that have helped in a great way.
A student once said, "Peggy creates a great environment. To be honest, most apparel students don't dream of spending hours learning such a difficult skill such as sewing, but she makes it entertaining, knowledgeable and fun for all of us. She is a great teacher and a shining example of our apparel program."


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