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Mantu Hudait


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Mantu Hudait, associate professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, for Using his many years of industrial experience to structure courses that teach students how to use course materials to solve relevant, real-world problems. Dr. Hudait actively uses student feedback to guide and develop his teaching approach.

Dr. Hudait works to cultivate an open atmosphere and incorporate real-life examples in his courses (ECE 4214, ECE 5206. According to him, “teaching is not dumping knowledge,” but instead it is fostering students’ learning by placing the course material within the context of real-world problems. In course evaluations, students often comment positively on Dr. Hudait’s approach to teaching.

A crucial aspect of Dr. Hudait’s approach is his incorporation of his own experiences in the industry into his classes. Students’ responses on evaluations demonstrate their appreciation of Dr. Hudait and his teaching:

"Mantu is so knowledgeable. There is no doubt is one of the smartest professors I have come across at Tech. He has unique teaching style that focuses on learning the concepts which helped me a lot."

"This was one of the best classes I have ever taken. Dr. Hudait makes the course very applicable and explains everything before analyzing it really well."

"He related theory that we learn in class to real-world application, and to work that he has done in the past."

"Dr. Hudait spoke often of practical, real-world problems, especially those encountered in his research and time at Intel. This increased my interest in the material, as well as my respect for the field and its researchers. We truly are standing on the shoulders of giants."

"I hope Mr. Hudait realizes that his students really admire his passion for teaching, his vast knowledge and out of the box thinking. This was one of the classes I willingly wanted to attend even though attendance was not mandatory. More than anything I have a lot of respect for Mr. Hudait that he genuinely cares for students. He honestly cares about learning first and gives an opportunity for everybody to learn and not care about the final grade as much. He is probably the only professor that knows that these grades are going to be the most important aspect for a student who is graduating to get a job and he gives ample chances for students to do well."


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