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Patrick Schaumont


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Patrick Schaumont, associate professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, for Patrick Schaumont brings cutting-edge topics into the curriculum, presents students with exciting and meaningful hands-on projects, and gives engaging and clear lectures.

Dr. Schaumont’s dedicated efforts to integrate a new field programmable gate array (a type of highly programmable integrated circuit) platform into two undergraduate courses are notable. The Terasic DE2-115 board and the associated Altera Quartus development software, donated by the Altera Corporation, represent a state-of-the-art digital design platform that is widely used in industry. The DE2-115 is an extremely flexible instructional platform and Patrick has leveraged it to create interesting, relevant, and highly motivating experiments and design projects for our students. Dr. Schaumont’s efforts in course development are allowing Virginia Tech to truly raise the bar” in the quality of our computer engineering program. He successfully introduced the new platform in two courses in Fall 2011, Advanced Digital Design (ECE 4514) and Hardware/Software Co-design (ECE 4530). He has developed two new courses on state-of-the-art topics in embedded systems, Hardware/Software Co-design (ECE 4530), a senior elective, and Secure Hardware Design (ECE 5520). He brings his own special expertise to lectures and new projects in all courses that he teaches. Patrick is also the sole author of a relatively new textbook, A Practical Introduction to Hardware/Software Codesign (Springer Circuits and Systems Series, xviii + 396 pages, 2010). The textbook targets advanced undergraduate and introductory graduate courses, as well as practicing engineers and researchers. His average student evaluation at Virginia Tech is 3.74 out of 4.0 (before Fall 2011), with his lowest ever rating being 3.60 out of 4.0. This record has been established in the teaching of 14 regular lecture classes and five different courses at Virginia Tech, ranging from the 2000-level to the 5000-level and including required undergraduate courses, undergraduate electives, and graduate courses.

Dr. Schaumont is recognized as an outstanding, engaging educator by both peers and students. A peer evaluator visiting his Secure Hardware Design (ECE 4530) class in Fall 2010 stated that “this class could serve as a model for a good lecture and how to keep students engaged.” Students in Dr. Schaumont’s classes over the past year have provided comments such as “The class I had with him falls into a small category where attending and learning was genuinely entertaining and fun” and “I found the class to be surprisingly exciting, very challenging, and very rewarding.” Dr. Schaumont has been selected for a 2012 College of Engineering Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching.


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