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Wu-chun Feng


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Wu-chun Feng, associate professor of Computer Science, for his effort in inspiring students by presenting content that is at the forefront of the computer science industry, his outstanding teaching and presentation skills, and his ability to present difficult topics in a comprehensible manner.

Wu Feng is recognized by his students for utilizing student-centered approach to teaching. He is often described as an engaging instructor who encourages student interaction, utilizes real-world examples to ensure comprehension, and makes himself readily available to his students in and outside of the classroom, openly dedicated to student success. One of Wu’s Computer Architecture students, part of a course for both graduate and undergraduate students, explained: “He ensures that his students understand the concept before moving on to next one. At the start of each class, he reviews the concepts introduced in the previous lecture and this brings us on track.” Wu Feng is known to be well prepared, designing his courses and differentiating instruction to encourage optimal student learning and success.

Wu Feng is frequently distinguished by his students for remaining current within his field, and supporting his students’ education in the most innovative manner possible. One of his Computer Architecture students noted that, when “teaching about the latest technology in the computer architecture realm, he instructed his students . . . about the trends of technology so that they could be ahead of the curve. He embodied the strategy like Wayne Gretzky’s, ‘A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.’” Another student elaborated on Wu Feng’s efforts toward staying current: “He practically knows the nuances of each major computer architecture from all the major companies, their advantages and disadvantages, their release date, problems associated, etc. Having access to such wide range of information greatly helps students appreciate different types of architectures.” Further, his students, commenting on his teaching prowess and expertise in the field, agree that Wu can make “75 minutes look like just 15 minutes.”

Wu Feng has earned three Best Paper Awards, three R&D 100 Awards, and heads the SyNeRGY Lab @ Virginia Tech in addition to The Green500, mpiBlast, and Supercomputing in Small Spaces.


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