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Michael Saffle


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Michael Saffle, professor of Religion and Culture, for encouraging students to think about cultural issues, including issues involving ritual, religion, the arts, and the media, from contemporary perspectives.

Professor Saffle's recent courses include HUM-REL 4234 (i.e., "Ritual, Religion, and the Arts") as well as University Honors Colloquia on "Musical Comedy" and "Classic Science Fiction," together with his popular HUM 3024 (i.e., "Music and Film"). These courses, aimed at students university-wide, provide opportunities for "newcomers" as well as upper-division students to grapple with a variety of issues.

Professor Saffle has three times won the Certificate of Teaching Excellence in several departments (Music, 1981; Center for Interdisciplinary Programs, 1999; Department of Religion and Culture, 2007). In 2007 he received the William E. Wine "career" teaching award and joined the Academy of Teaching Excellence.


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