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Hee Jung (Annette) Kang


The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes Hee Jung (Annette) Kang, assistant professor of Hospitality and Tourism Management, for collaborative learning processes such as experiential activities, field trips, case studies, role-playing exercises, and student presentations.

For the fall semesters in 2014 and 2015, Dr. Kang taught several sections of a senior level Hospitality Human Resource Management class with an enrollment of 15-30 students for each section. This class involved collaborative learning processes such as experiential activities, which provided a conceptual understanding of related theories and application of specific skills and approaches based on the situation. In spring semester of 2015, she taught a junior level Lodging Management course with a small group of students and incorporated field trips to hotel property in addition to case studies, role-playing exercises, and student presentations.

For a senior level Hospitality Human Resource Management course, a term project is designed to give students the opportunity to explore the current issues related to human resource management in the hospitality and tourism industry, and to use their critical thinking skills as well as problem solving skills to identify important issues affecting hospitality and tourism labor forces. This project and the course specially focus on usable skills students can apply immediately in their current jobs or upon graduation.

Dr. Kang’s teaching philosophy is based on active student engagement, which motivates students’ intellectual growth through deeper thinking and problem solving. To engage students, she regularly employs a wide variety of teaching formats. She invites industry managers and executives to be guest speakers based on their expertise with the class content and also groups students for in-depth discussions, encouraging students to draw on their hospitality work experience in class discussions with a mutual respects. These student discussions offer added value to the class through the sharing of a variety of perspectives in different hospitality settings. Dr. Kang states, “I am very dedicated to student learning and the development of my teaching and learning facilitation skills and techniques.” This is evident through her participation in the Early Career Teaching Certificate program by the CIDER (Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research).

To support this nomination, one colleague wrote: "I have observed Dr. Kang in her Lodging Management class and was impressed by the enthusiasm with which her students responded to her questions - she made learning fun and interactive while ensuring that students understood the concepts from the chapter at hand. Dr. Kang gave several real life examples from the lodging industry based on her experience in Korea thus introducing valuable cross cultural aspects that are so important in today's business environment."


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